We are MOTORIOT. Founded in 2022. We began importing classic 4×4’s from Europe in 2017 and discovered a unique way to design our company around rebuilding classic Land Cruisers to our customers specifications. We start by sourcing a rust- free Land Cruiser in Europe or South America. We divide the subsequent work between our teams overseas and the United States. This build sheet exists to help lay out the various options that exist for designing and customizing your Land Cruiser with MOTORIOT. The customization of these Land Cruisers is a highly individualized process. It is important that we tailor this process to you and guide you through each step. Whether its a clean and simple classic Beach Cruiser or a frame off restoration with leather and an engine swap, our trusted teams, builders and employees will bring this dream to a reality. You’re building a living, breathing, animate personalized 4×4. Designed to carry your future. To harbor memories and experiences. This will be an exciting process – welcome!

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Between Connecticut, Europe and South America, is where the majority of our builds start. Most of the time, we hand source in dry and or low moisture climates, providing an ideal basis to source classic Land Cruisers with rust free chassis/bodies. Fundamentally, we are looking for the diamond in the rough. Many of these vehicles had previous lives as farm trucks, performing olive field work, pulling up hills loads of animal feed, towing farm equipment, and as such will have a few dents and dings from their years in service. Others are sourced from their original owners who drove their Land Cruisers to town and back for various errands. Its important that we establish a relationship with the owners of these cars before buying them. The history of the person tells us the history of the car. The interrelationships between humans and machine is that of hard work, passion, pleasure, love and desire. We will carry this story to you, during the sourcing process, as means of generating a newfound connection with your Land Cruiseer.

We will begin the restoration process overseas (at one of our facilities) with painting, bodywork, mechanical, upholstery, electronics, and outfitting. Our engine swaps & automatic conversions happen at our headquarters back in Connecticut.

Whether you are building a FJ40 or a J60, our build times range from 5 to 12 months, which will be dependent on the complexity of the project. Once a build is completed, we will initiate its exciting new journey across the vast oceans to its new home in the United States.

Classic Cars, tailored to you

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