Motoriot sources classic and coveted cars from around the globe and brings them back to the USA. Our competitive advantage is that by scouring the globe for these cars, we are genrally able to purchase these cars under US market value, which gives us savings that we can pass on directly to our clients. Are you looking for a specific car? Specific year? Specifications? Left hand or right hand drive? MOTORIOT will go find it for you. MOTORIOT will also customize and restore these cars, providing a bespoke and tailored experience for each client. MOTORIOT handles all transportation and shipping aspects, delivering the completed build to your front door. In addition to building ‘made to order’ custom vehicles, MOTORIOT also holds and sells their own inventory.
MOTORIOT sources, builds and customizes anything and everything. Our specialties and past builds include: Porsche, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, Bronco, International Scout, Mustang, Corvette, Mercedes, FIAT, Austin-Healey, Triumph, MG, and most American classics.
MOTORIOT spends most of the time sourcing vehicles from Europe. However, we also import vehicles from Central America, South America, Canada and Africa.
MOTORIOT subjects every vehicle purchased to a vigorous multipoint inspection by a member of the team. This is true for both domestic and international purchases. We are thoroughly and vigorously testing out every aspect of the vehicle. The inspection includes testing the engines running condition, oil quality, leaks, gaskets, transmission shifting and leaks, weird sounds, starting or idling issues, the cooling system, electrical, and braking. MOTORIOT will still buy cars if they have small or minor issues as long as the issue can be corrected, replaced, refurbished, or restored.
Costs for vehicle or a custom build with MOTORIOT will depend on the vehicle chosen as well as the scope of the restoration. We will start by working with the client to determine an all in flat cost, which will include the acquisition of the vehicle, restoration, transportation, and import. This all in number will be determined based on client budget in conjunction with acquisition cost of vehicle and scope of restoration. MOTORIOT does not offer in-house financing, but we do accept payment by credit card. In-house financing is in the works and coming soon.
MOTORIOT handles all paperwork when restoring and importing the clients vehicle. When a clients vehicle arrives stateside, the client will be given all necessary paperwork for the registration of the vehicle. Some of the paperwork included is a international bill of sale, original title, and all import documents from the country of origin to the United States.
MOTORIOT manages the shipping and transport of all of the builds using and contracting companies based in the country of origin of the vehicle. We have a long standing working relationship with many of these companies used.
Rust is a pervasive theme for most classic vehicles. MOTORIOT mitigates the risk of buying a rusty vehicle by doing the following two things. First, we are sure to source and acquire our vehicles in the appropriate climates, where cars are subject to less moisture & humidity. Secondly, we always do our due diligence on each vehicle, searching and scouring for any potential rust issues before purchasing the vehicle. On certain occasions, a vehicle we purchase may have some rust and it is our primary objective to fix it immediately, but the majority of the time we are buying vehicles that are rust free.
Typically 3-5 months. The restoration process typically takes 3 to 5 months, depending on the scope of work. On international builds, the shipping process extend this total process by another two months. We’ll be in regular communication from the first call until your custom order arrives at your door.
No! MOTORIOT also has an inventory of its own ready to purchase vehicles. Please reach out to us and ask what we currently have for sale!
In our experience it has taken anywhere from 1-2 months. Country of origin and distance to port play a large factor in this. Shipping companies often experience delays and these can push the total time up significantly.
As a MOTORIOT client, you will have access to a form that will allow you to make modifications to your build during the restoration process. If the change order is to modify something that has already been completed, there will be a cost difference. If the change to the car does not require a change in material, labor or overall work - the cost will remain the same.
There are often unexpected issues that come up during restoration and shipment which will inevitably cause change to the timeline of a build. Generally, there is at least one hiccup on a build & shipment of a vehicle. In our experience, shipping and transportation companies have missed their deadlines frequently and often have delays. We do our best to manage our clients expectations by updating you along the way to any changes in timeline.
MOTORIOT will maintain and service every build for our local clients (we are in Connecticut). If the client is not local, we generally recommend the client to contact shops nearby to share information on their new vehicle/build early on in the process with MOTORIOT. This will ensure viable contact with a shop that is comfortable working on a restored classic. In our experience, family owned, mom and pop shops will gladly take on classics.
Most auto insurance companies will have a subsidiary company like Haggerty or Classic Auto Insurance that provides cheap classic insurance for your car. Generally, insurance for classic cars tends to be on the cheaper side when compared to a newer vehicle.
Registering your vehicle does indeed vary from state to state. Every state will allow you to import a vehicle, but some states will require an inspection before registration. We hold your hand through the entire process and ensure that you successfully register your new import or classic. You will be able to register your vehicle in all 50 states.
Land Rovers were built to last. They are easy to get parts for, and have been used for every job under the sun, from the farm to the army. Reliability will of course depend how the car was used and cared for, however, we find that our Defenders, Range Rover Classics, and Series to be extremely reliable and incredibly easy to get parts for.
Land Rover produced cars for Spain under the Santana license. The key difference is mostly mechanical. While the Santana line is adorned with “Santana” badges and the “Defender” or “Series” land rovers are labeled without the “Santana” marking. The Land Rover Santana will produce nearly the same aesthetics as a Defender or Series being very hard to differentiate. The Santana line was built from the 70’s up until 1991. Their engines rarely came with a Turbo but were essentially all based off the 19J diesel engine. This is a slow but strong running diesel engine that is known for its reliability. For those interested in a more affordable entry point to owning a Land Rover the Santana line is a great option.
Land Rovers are not notorious for their quickness or top speed. The Land Rover line has come with many different engines over the past 50 years. The most basic was the 2.25 petrol engine. That engine produced a whopping 50hp. The transmission, being a 4 speed, only allowed for a top speed of around 45MPH. As time went on, the 19J was released as well as the 5 speed transmission with the occasional overdrive system included. These engines made a top speed of 65-70MPH attainable. The most notable motors to this date on the classic Land Rovers (25 years and older) are the 200TDI and 300TDI engines. These motors are equipped with a Garret Turbo and they allow drivers to accelerate to a highway cruising speed faster, more reliably and more consistently, with top speeds around 70mph.
Simply put, it depends! No car maintenance comes without costs. However, if you’re local (we’re in Connecticut), we offer ongoing maintenance and care for your vehicle. Too far away? We can help find a reputable Mom & Pop shop to take good care of your car.
They don’t have to be! Unlike our competitors, we restore Land Rovers and other classic cars at a fair price. Now, custom restorations do cost more, and with the nostalgia collectors feel for vintage Land Rovers, they can be hard to find. MOTORIOT has solid connections around the world to find your car at a good price, so you’ll get the best value.

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